About Us


Dark Turtles are the wanderers of the ocean

In ancient history, the Dark Turtle has always been regarded as a symbol of the North and the guardian of winter swells. Formed in Tynemouth in 2021, our brand is inspired by the sheer beauty of the unspoilt North-East coastline. Being close to the North Sea means cold blood runs through our veins and a 5mm wetsuit is like our second skin. Despite what you might think, we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

  We’ve always been inspired by a desire to be outside, exploring the world, regardless of the conditions. Life is nothing without adventure and so we decided to start the brand to share our philosophy. 

Eco Friendly Clothing

Whether we are surfing, skating, mountain biking or snowboarding, our entire brand and lifestyle revolves around nature. For us, being outside is the place we feel most alive. In order to help protect the planet, we feel it is our social responsibility to provide our designs in eco-friendly alternatives, whilst also maintaining high levels of quality and functionality. All of our products, whether organic or not, are now delivered to your door in eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. It will always remain our primary goal to be committed to the environment and we are constantly striving to make as much of a difference as we possibly can.

Wear and share the Turtle

The planet is a such a big place and the Dark Turtle is the wanderer of the oceans. As a brand, we want to see you climbing mountains, hiking through forests and discovering beaches you’ve never been to before.  Hopefully you’ll decide to take us along with you, but whether you wear the Turtle or not, just remember that life is a wave, so grab your board and make sure you absolutely shred it to pieces!

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